International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE).   

Chungnam National University(CNU)
Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center(VIM)

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Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
Korean Society of Precision Agriculture  
Graduate School of Smart Agriculture (CNU)
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Technical Note IAMFE 2022-001: Keynote Address

Machinery End-user Support Groups:A Global Path Forward Explained using Flexiseeder examples

Dr John Stevens-10.19 IAMFE Keynote Address 10 10 22 ed video.pdf

Nordic-New Zealand Industry Interface Support Initiative:  “Machinery Overlay to the Global Seed Chain”

Torbj?rn Leuchovius-Iamfe Nordic_PPT_audio TL_12-10-22.pdf

Flexiseeder & Lincoln University Student and Staff Research and Education Outreach Support Programme A Private – Public Sector Philanthropic Initiative

Professor John Hampton-10.19 IAMFE Lincoln University Stevens_E John 2022.pdf

IFON An International Fodder Oat Network for Breeding oats for environmental and social change

IAMFE 2022 Stevens_E John IFON.pdf