International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE).   

Chungnam National University(CNU)
Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center(VIM)

Surport organizers
Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
Korean Society of Precision Agriculture  
Graduate School of Smart Agriculture (CNU)
Qingdao Plantech Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd 


General and methodological issues of field experiments management

Technical support of crops breeding and seed production

Machinery equipments of plot seeding and plot harvesting

Information technologies applied in field experiments

Seed processing technology and instruments

Technologies and technical tools for breeding and seed production of cereals, perennial grasses, potato, peanuts, fruits and berries

Smart experimental field

Typical cases of smart agriculture

Early experience of smart agriculture

Prospects of smart agriculture

Technologies and equipment of smart agriculture

Intelligence and informatization on agricultural equipment

Information and technological support for the development of organic crop production

Forecast of the development of agricultural supply in connection with climate  change

Facility agriculture

Other related topics