International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE).   

Chungnam National University(CNU)
Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center(VIM)

Surport organizers
Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
Korean Society of Precision Agriculture  
Graduate School of Smart Agriculture (CNU)
Qingdao Plantech Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd 

IAMFE2022 Announcement

2022 International Conference on Mechanization of Field Experiments & Smart Agriculture: Early Experience and Prospects

November 08-09, 2022 





International Association on Mechanization of Field Experiments (IAMFE).  

II Co-organizers

Qingdao Agricultural University(QAU), China

Chungnam National University(CNU), Republic of Korea

Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, Russia

III Support Organizers

Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, China

Korean Society of Precision AgricultureRepublic of Korea 

Graduate School of Smart Agriculture, CNU, Republic of Korea

Qingdao Plantech Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd, China 

IV Programme

The scientific programme includes plenary session, oral presentations and poster session. The conference language is English, and the conference will be held online by using communication software. Small sub-venues will be set up in China, Korea and Russia, respectively.

V Topics

      ·General and methodological issues of field experiment management
      ·Technical support of crops breeding and seed production
      ·Machinery equipment of plot seeding and plot harvesting
      ·Information technologies applied in field experiments
      ·Seed processing technology and instruments
      ·Technologies and technical tools for breeding and seed production of cereals, perennial grasses, potato, peanuts, fruits and berries
      ·Smart experimental field
      ·Typical cases of smart agriculture
      ·Early experience of smart agriculture
      ·Prospects of smart agriculture
      ·Technologies and equipment for smart agriculture
      ·Intelligence and informatization on agricultural equipment
      ·Information and technological support for the development of organic crop production
      ·Forecast of the development of agricultural supply associated with climate change
      ·Facility agriculture
      ·Other related topics

    VI Call for Papers

    Abstracts and Wfull papers are accepted in English and shall be published in Conference Proceedings (Free of charge) or International Academic Journals. Authors willing to publish their papers in International Academic Journals need to pay a fee, the cost is acceptable and the accurate cost will be published soon. Deadline of paper submission is October 29, 2022.


    VII Committee


    Shang Shuqi

    Vladislav Minin

    Sun-Ok Chung

         Academic Members:  

           Shang Shuqi Luo Xiwen
          Chen Xuegeng Vladimir Popov
          Zhao Chunjiang Vladislav Minin
          Zheng Xianyu Zhu Ming
          Wang Jiasheng John Hampton
          Yakov Lobachevsky Chen Shaojiang
          Taewook Kim Yushin Ha
            Hak-Jin Kim John Stevens
            Anders Heen Torbjorn Leuchovius
          Chanseok Ryu  

    Organizing Members :  

    Liu Xinmin

    Sun-Ok Chung

    Vladislav Minin

    Tian Yike

    Wang Yingkuan

    Hani Mehana

    Xu Ying

    Jiao Lei

    Wang Dongwei

    Wang Jiasheng

    Du Kun

    Wang Haiyan

    Yang Ranbing

    Yang Hao

    Li Guoying




    Dear Madam/Sir,


    On behalf of the IAMFE and the Co-organizers, it is my great honor to invite you to attend 2022 International Conference on Mechanization of Field Experiments Smart Agriculture: Early Experience and Prospects on November 8-9, 2022.


    The themes of the conference are Smart Field Experiments and Smart Agriculture. The conference aims to provide a platform for the exchange of scientific ideas, public consideration of ways of methodological and instrumental support of agro-biological field studies and smart agriculture, cooperation in the field methods of experimentation and technologyThe meetings of scientists, scholars, engineers, plant breeders in agriculture and agricultural engineering, and joint discussion provide the synthesis of new ideas, the emergence of technical solutions, which meet the needs of users. All this will contribute to the progress in the production of agricultural and horticultural products and food security on a global scale.


    We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference online in this coming November. Welcome to attend the conference!




    Professor Shang Shuqi, President of the IAMFE



    The programme of the

    2022 International Conference on Mechanization of Field Experiments & Smart Agriculture: Early Experience and Prospects


    November 08-09, 2022

    November 08, 2022


    Beijing Time

    Opening Ceremony of the Conference

    Plenary Session

    Main Sessions and Russian National section

    November 09, 2022


    Beijing Time

    Main Sessions and Russian National section

    IAMFE Executive Committee Meeting and

    IAMFE General Assembly

    Closing Ceremony of the Conference

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